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About me

Hi, I’m Karolina - I capture Love & Light. 

I am also a Psychologist and a highly sensitive person, which helps me immensely in my work with babies, new parents and families. I am a big Harry Potter fan, a traveller, and a foodie. I love to spend time by the water in summer and to ski in the winter. 


Read on for my Mission and Story to get to know me even better. 


My mission

Love & Light are the two key things I capture in my photography. 


But there is more. 


I want to tell your story: to capture your relationships, your connection, your love. So when you look at your images, the memories come to live and you can feel yourself transported  back in time. 


I want to capture who you really are, so that you show up in every image like you’ve never seen before. I'm after that sparkle of truth found in laughter, gaze, or touch exchanged with your loved ones.


And last but not least, I want to capture your beauty. I want my images to show you how beautiful you are, together, as a family, in your home, or in the splendid nature around us.  

My Story

I grew up in Glogow in the south-west of Poland and had the most splendid childhood, full of love, road trips, holidays in the countryside, and a safe rhythm of the familiar. But at 17, a need for the unknown tiptoed in. I won a scholarship to an international school in Flekke in Norway. This is where my love for photography bloomed. With a Zenit in hand, precious Ilford film, and the school darkroom at my disposal, I fell in love.

I then travelled the world for my studies: first across the Atlantic and over the Great Plains to Vancouver, then back again to Somerset of Jane Austen. Warsaw became the cherry on top and I became a psychologist. I found a job in research, earned a strong work ethic and set my sights for more.


Fast forward a decade and here I am: a photographer, like I always dreamed to be (the application that got me into university was about how I wanted to become a photographer for National Geographic). I am also a psychologist by education,  a traveller at heart, and a mum to a 5-year-old ninja princess. I am inspired by nature, the human experience and travels. 

Ready to get to know me? Get in touch!

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